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2024 Oceania & Australian Masters 12-15 April RQYS


The 2024 Oceania & Australian Masters Championship is on at RQYS 12-15 April.


The event is being staged after Easter – later this year to allow the excitement and sore limbs experienced in the ILCA World Masters in Adelaide to settle.


This year ILCA Queensland are making a special effort to encourage ILCA 4 sailors to compete. We have included ILCA 4s in the National Masters for some years and we have been lobbying ILCA International to re-instate them in the World Masters. ILCA indicated that they would support the inclusion only if the districts could demonstrate stronger interest.


George Meikle from RQYS is leading the charge to increase interest in ILCA 4 Masters participation. For its part ILCA Queensland is halving the entry fee for the Masters Championship for ILCA 4s.


Entry is available online Here for $300 (half for ILCA 4) if placed by 15 March and $350 after that.


The event NoR is Here.


RQYS is always a great venue for sailing and this National and Regional cube event will provide a great wind down (or wind up) for the season.

2024 World Masters Concludes in Adelaide

James Mitchell posted six wins to take the ILCA 6 GGM’s title


The 2024 ILCA World Masters wound up at Adelaide Sailing Club on Saturday 10th January with the presentation dinner attended by over 300 filling every area of the large club. This event concluded the massive summer of ILCA sailing in Adelaide.


The Masters event will be remembered for strong winds and big swells, some absolutely textbook Adelaide conditions that stuck around for the entirety of the event and gave sailors some tough days, as well as some glamour sailing. The dominant view around the boat park was that the Adelaide Sailing Club and the 100 or so volunteers who made it all happen each day did a great job which was much appreciated by all the sailors.


There were nine World Masters Divisions contested. Some were stitched up convincingly, while a handful of them came right down to the wire, with some tense moments out on the course in the last few races.


Of the nine divisions Australia won five, with New Zealand, Argentina, USA and Great Britain one each.


ILCA 6 Apprentices Franco Riquelme Antonetti BRA
ILCA 6 Masters Simon Small AUS
ILCA 6 GM Andrew Holdsworth GBR
ILCA 6 GGM James Mitchell AUS
ILCA 6 LKegends Bill Symes USA
ILCA 7 Apprentices Luke Deegan NZL
ILCA 7 Masters Brendan Casey AUS
ILCA 7 GM Brett Beyer AUS
ILCA 7 GGM Steve Gunther AUS


The run down on the final places from Sail Down Under’s Harry Fisher is Here.


The full results for the event are Here.

World Masters Underway In Adelaide

Rob Lowndes in action Day 2 of World Masters in Adelaide
The ILCA 6 and ILCA 7 World Masters is underway at Adelaide Sailing Club from Saturday 3 February.


There are 231 sailors from 20 countries competing including 136 Australians.


After three days of racing in 27 knot SSW breezes on days 2 and 3, the 2024 ILCA Masters Worlds fleets head into a well-earned rest day with all six scheduled races completed to this point.


Sailors have enjoyed and injured the conditions so far and can look forward to similar conditions for the final six races with the event concluding on Saturday.


In the Apprentice fleets, a three-way tie has emerged in the ILCA 6s with Argentina’s Franco Riquelme Antonetti, Germany’s Svenja Weger and Adil Khalid from the United Arab Emirates all locked on 10 points, while in the ILCA 7s it’s New Zealand’s Luke Deegan who has a clear lead with five wins and a discarded U-Flag Disqualification putting him well ahead.


In the Masters, Simon Small (AUS) and Jon Emmett (GBR) head into the rest day tied for first in the ILCA 6 fleet, with Small holding out Emmett on a countback, while in the ILCA 7s Brendan Casey (AUS) holds a slender one-point lead over Christoph Bottoni (AUS) in second.


In the Grand Masters fleets, Mark Tonner-Joyce (AUS) has earned a three-point lead in the ILCA 6 ahead of American Andrew Holdsworth, while in the ILCA 7s Brett Beyer (AUS) had another two race wins today to bolster an already dominant lead.


In the Great Grand Masters fleets, James Mitchells’ 5,1 scorecard for today in the ILCA 6 was enough to earn him the regatta lead ahead of Great Britain’s Terry Scutcher, while in the ILCA 7s Steve Gunther (AUS) holds onto a two-point lead ahead of Tim Law (GBR), who is closing the gap after two bullets today.


And in the ILCA 6 Legends fleet, American William Symes is halfway to a picket-fence finish with two more race wins today bringing his total scorecard to six wins from as many races.


The full results, photos and information via the Regatta Operations & Management System ROMS are Here.