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2024 ILCA Handbook

The 2024 edition of the ILCA Handbook is now available online Here.


Organisation, contacts, policies, class rules, by-laws, technical tips and World Championship winners over the decades -all you want to know and a bit more is in this publication which is update each year.


ILCA One Design Focus

ILCA has strengthened its focus on, and resources in, its Technical Team. This now five person team’s responsibility is to ensure the class’ “Off the Shelf, Equal Performance, One Design Sailboat” concept is met in practice.


All ILCA dinghies should look and feel the same, regardless of which of the now ten builders worldwide make them. The same holds true for ILCA-approved spars, foils, and sails. By working with the manufacturers, the Technical Team aims to tighten the tolerances and continuously improve quality and consistency.


The ILCA Build Manual (IBM) is the basis for this one-design philosophy. It specifies the materials, procedures, and specifications that define an ILCA dinghy and the associated parts – foils, spars, and sails. This document has evolved as new manufacturing materials and techniques have become available, making the boat more robust, but the overall performance of the ILCA dinghy has remained constant over its many decades.


There is an ILCA post on the working of the Technical Team Here.


The photo here is of the new jig now used when deck and hull are mated. It provides greater consistency of alignment of these two elements.

April ILCA Events in Queensland

Is your thicker wetsuit already starting to make an appearance at club racing or you’re not quite ready to put your rashie away for the winter?


Don’t worry, QILCA has you covered with the upcoming QLD State Championships and Australian ILCA Masters Championships taking place within a week of each other.


The QLD State Championships, being held on Lake Cootharaba, a short drive from the iconic town of Noosa, is expecting over 100 boats across all ages. Taking place on 6th and 7th of April, this gives you five days to enjoy a less-crowded Sunshine Coast before the Australian Masters Championship.


Then the following weekend the Australian Masters Championship on 12th – 15th April will be held at RQYS. With South-Easterly trade winds and temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees common in April, RQYS’ world-class race organisation will host racing for all three ILCA rigs with a guaranteed start and half-price entry for the ILCA 4 sailors. Get your entries in before the late fee kicks in on 5th April.


You’ll be able to get two regattas in the one trip, with the opportunity for a holiday in between.


Australian Masters entry is available online Here . The the event NoR is Here.