ILCA 7 Worlds Entry Explainer

Explainer- Entry process for ILCA world championships & the ILCA Australia ranking system.

Because the International Laser Class (ILCA) is an Olympic class, world championships events must comply with conditions determined by World Sailing. Due to the popularity of these events many have capped numbers.

Over January & February 2024 the ILCA7 & ILCA Master’s events will be held in Adelaide. The 7’s will be restricted to 160 entries & the Master’s to 300.
Applications for entry to these events are posted on the ILCA website here: ILCA Home – International Laser Class Association (

Applicants apply for an entry by filling out a form & pay an application fee. Before the entries can be finalised ILCA send the list of applicants to the regions & ask them to rank the sailors in order of merit. In Australia the ranking system is based on the results of the most recent Nationals. For the 2024 Adelaide ILCA7 world championship ranking is based on the GRSC event last January & the Masters at Port Stephens in March 2023.

See Australian rankings for 2024 ILCA 7 Worlds in Adelaide here : click here

This event is capped at 160 and Australia’s official allocation is 9 places. At the end of the first round there are only 129 applications. ILCA Australia has applied for more places. In the past ILCA has allowed the host country extra places based on the following formula ‘allocation x 1.5’. Based on this we are confident of receiving an extra 5 places. That means the first 14 on the rank should receive offers. Those that miss out will have their application fee returned.

We hope to get more than 14 in but that decision rests with ILCA head office. The 3 sailors listed as DNC did not compete in the Nationals at GRSC so cannot be ranked.