Places and Ranking for Limited Entry ILCA Worlds

This is an update to a 7 Nov 2023 post due to a few changed and added ILCA World Championship venues and dates.

ILCA World Championship places are set and allocated as follows.

  • Entry limits are set by ILCA for all World Championships
  • Entry places are allocated by ILCA based on the number of financial members in each country
  • ILCA offers allocated places to sailors who apply in order of their ranking
  • Ranking is carried our by each country
  • For Australia ranking is based on places achieved in the preceding Australian Championships Open, Youth or Masters
  • Any extra places up to the event entry limit are allocated to countries based on their membership linked entry target
  • Like allocated places extra places are offered by ILCA in the order of sailor’s country ranking

There is an explainer with more detail on how the system works Here. It has links to the ILCA web site FAQ’s on entry and place allocation.
The Australian ranking is based on places achieved in the Australian Championship (Open & Youth or Masters) preceding the ranking submission date. This ranking date is set by ILCA and is usually four months before the event start date. The ILCA Ranking Policy is on the Worlds Ranking Page Here.


The venues, dates and ranking events for the 2024 – 2025 Worlds and 2026 World Masters are as follows.

The rotation of Australian Championships is as follows.