2024 ILCA 4 Solidarity Program


Six girls from Australia, & one each from New Zealand, Solomon Islands & Samoa participated in the 2024 ILCA Oceania Solidarity Program.


The girls Leisina Rasmussen (SAM), Renee Baragamu (SOL), Kate Ocean Rasmussen (NZL), Molli McIlwaine (QLD), Isabella Lozevski (NSW), Abby Young (VIC), Catherine Mansell (SA), Isla Molyneux (WA) along with coach Matilda O’Donoghue from Tasmania (standing on the right) posed for the photograph above on Day 1.


The girls all had a great time & learned heaps at their first major ILCA regatta. Four of the Solidarity girls from last year were in Adelaide & made friends with the 2024 group.


Thanks to Craig Sheers GM at PSA for his assistance in getting the boats setup for the event and to ILCA Victoria Chair John d’Helin who created and managed the program.