2024 Oceania & Australian Masters 12-15 April RQYS


The 2024 Oceania & Australian Masters Championship is on at RQYS 12-15 April.


The event is being staged after Easter – later this year to allow the excitement and sore limbs experienced in the ILCA World Masters in Adelaide to settle.


This year ILCA Queensland are making a special effort to encourage ILCA 4 sailors to compete. We have included ILCA 4s in the National Masters for some years and we have been lobbying ILCA International to re-instate them in the World Masters. ILCA indicated that they would support the inclusion only if the districts could demonstrate stronger interest.


George Meikle from RQYS is leading the charge to increase interest in ILCA 4 Masters participation. For its part ILCA Queensland is halving the entry fee for the Masters Championship for ILCA 4s.


Entry is available online Here for $300 (half for ILCA 4) if placed by 15 March and $350 after that.


The event NoR is Here.


RQYS is always a great venue for sailing and this National and Regional cube event will provide a great wind down (or wind up) for the season.